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Activities to be conducted by Higher Education Institutions under Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat
The following activities will be conducted under the Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat :
1. Student Exchange
2. Teacher Exchange
3. Youth Festival
4. EBSB Day
5. EBSB Clubs
6. Screening of Films
7 . Translation of Books

Student Exchange
Every year, at least 50 students of a Higher Education Institution in one State will travel and spend 5 days in paired Institutions of the paired State. The purpose would be to learn the language, culture, living styles, festivals, social customs, food habits and such other aspects of the social and cultural affairs of the paired State. The contingent would be led by one or more teachers who will be responsible for proper organization of the visit and also for the safety of the students.
The organization of the student exchange would be done in the following manner:
a) Identification of the continsent:- Students in each institution may be invited to participate in a competition, such as quiz regarding paired State. Such students who have exhibited minimum knowledge and understanding of the paired States should be selected.
b) Cgnduct of the visit:- The visit will be done in accordance with the dates agreed with the paired institution. Since Indian Railways is expected to give concession for the movement of students under EBSB, it is advised to use the Railways for the movement of the students to the extent possible. The visiting students would be housed in the hostels of the paired institution. Suitable facilities should be provided by the paired institution for this purpose. The contingent will not only interact with the local students, but would also fan out to visit historical sites, villages around the institution and would learn the language of the paired State. They would also learn the dance and customs of the paired State. Each of the learning processes should be properly documented through photos, videos, write-ups, etc’
c) preparing reports:- Each member of the visiting contingents is expected to focus on one aspect of the State which has been visited; and prepare a small write-up along with photographs within 30 days from the date of return from the visit.
d) Dissemination:- The report so prepared would be printed and should be shared using social media account like Facebook and Twitter, duly tagging the social media accounts of the Ministry and EBSB. Apart from above, they will share the findings of the visit with the larger audience in the college.